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8 Tips to Curing Depression

8 Tips to Curing DepressionTips to curing depression

Depression is a huge problem all over the world, with millions and millions of people suffering from this mental disease while doing Nothing about it. Seeing a doctor and getting on medication can help, but it should always be a last resort. This can often lead to addiction or even more problems in the future. While trying to cure yourself may not always be the answer, it is definitely worth a try. Below are 8 tips to curing depression that are often safer and longer lasting than getting on expensive medications.



  • Get Some Hobbies

One of the biggest reasons that people get depressed is that they aren’t interested in anything and don’t take part in enough activities. Taking part in something can help you regain your self-esteem and feel better about yourself by accomplishing something, while at the same time keeping your mind from thinking about your own problems. The hobbies or activities can be anything as simple as hiking to even volunteering to help the elderly.

  • Eliminate Personal Problems

Make a list of all your personal problems, whether they have to do with relationships, your job, or debt. Work on them in small steps to avoid overwhelming yourself. As each of your problems is resolved you should feel a layer of stress and depression lifting from your mind. Do not get discouraged if you can’t find an easy way to fix some of your problems. The solution is there. You just need to keep an open mind and you will find it.

  • Eliminate Bad and Addictive Behavior

Many people reward their own negative thoughts and self-pity with bad behavior. This only makes the depression worse afterwards because of the guilt involved. This can become a vicious cycle that just keeps getting worse. Many people that get depressed will eat too much, take drugs or drink, have sex with random people, or spend money on things they don’t need. If you stop rewarding yourself by behaving badly, your depression will worsen. Eliminating these activities will help you on the road to normalcy.

  • Have Realistic Expectations

Make a list of the things you expect out of life. Depressed people often subconsciously help themselves stay depressed by having expectations that are unrealistic, such as dating someone that will never date them, getting rich, making more money, and more. Stop thinking about how you will never attain these goals and come up with new goals that are more in the realm of possibility. Sitting around and being depressed, but doing nothing about it because your goals are impossible makes things worse. By working toward and reaching your new goals you will slowly change your whole mindset.

  •  Change your Social Life

Chances are that if you call a loved one to complain about your life they are often sympathetic toward you. Tell your family and friends to stop listening to your complaints and to cut off conversations and social events where you cry and complain. Try to stop complaining when you interact with people and show an interest in them instead of always talking about yourself.

  • Start Exercising

As stated earlier, sitting around and dwelling on your problems will make your depression worse. One day of exercise will not fix you, but if you can remain consistent then your life will slowly get better and better. Try starting with a fifteen minute walk a day. You will be amazed at how better you’ll feel within a couple of weeks.

  •  Eat Better

Depressed people rarely exercise. They also usually eat really badly, either gorging or binging depending on the person. Eating too much or too little is not going to make your feelings go away. In fact, they will come back even stronger with guilt added on top of them. Try to eat at least three meals a day with one snack added in sometime during the day. This will keep your sugar and energy levels consistent, which can help keep the depression away.

  •  Change your Thought Processes

Stop thinking of yourself as depressed when you get down. Instead, think of these times as moments you can do something about by acting and reacting differently than you have in the past. Stop thinking yourself into a hole. By utilizing the seven tips above you can then step away from yourself and realize that your depression is no longer out of control. You are back in control and are on your way to changing your life for the better forever.

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